The Miracles of Jesus

Expanding the Kingdom of God through Community

The Miracles of Jesus: The Process for Community Building through Kingdom Expansion is a blueprint for both community and church leadership to look at as they face timely issues in their own leadership environments.

For community leaders, it will assist you in addressing issues in a more compassionate yet practical way. For church leaders, it will interpret the miracles of Christ from a community perspective, allowing churches to reconnect with communities and become more engaged to expand the kingdom.

And for other Christians, The Miracles of Jesus will inform and allow you to see the Gospels and the miracles in the Bible in a whole new way, showing you that the Word of God is just as relevant today as when it was written.

For both community and church leaders alike, The Miracles of Jesus will reveal that the way to expand the kingdom of God is through community building and involvement with the church and with civic and social organizations. This approach will breathe new life into an institution that’s being left behind.

Reverend Devin Miller

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Pastor Devin Lee Miller, M.Div.
Founder and Pastor/Teacher
Clear Faith Christian Ministries COGIC – The Virtual Church
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