Faith Ministries

Ministries that are Clear where their Faith lies

Faith Ministries

Ministries that are Clear where their Faith lies

Faith Ministries

Ministries that are Clear where their Faith lies

Welcome to the Ministries of Clear Faith!

Message from Pastor Devin Miller

Welcome to Clear Faith Ministries! The mission/vision of Clear Faith Christian Ministries is to serve the body of Christ through Prayer, Teaching, Fellowship and Services. We believe that we were created to serve the Kingdom and expand it one soul at a time through Jesus Christ. Our aim is to provide fervent prayer, relevant study, true and meaningful fellowship, and integral services to the least, the left out, and the lost.

Clear Faith Christian Ministries has teaching on Facebook and has added other ministries, check below for more information as well as to contact us.

Looking for Something

Clear Faith Christian Counseling, Consulting and Coaching Services offers counseling and coaching sessions tailor-made to fit the needs of the client. I enjoy the simple fact that I get to help people from all walks of life, by helping them listen to themselves and each other and return to the thoughts, emotions, and feelings that brought them together in the first place.
I and my wife, Kandace, are here to serve individually and as a couple.


52 week Savings Challenge

Learning to give and save for the Lord.

Midnight Chronicles

Late-night thoughts on life and Ministry with the Pastor

Biblical Discussions Podcast

Teaching from the Bible on Facebook live


We believe that you can succeed in LIFE (Living In Faith Everyday)
and through our services we can help you believe and achieve what you desire in life


Marital, Relationship,Family

A barrier in any relationship is the inability to hear or communicate, the loss of one's voice, or the inability to speak and stand in one's truth. We strive to regain all three and re-establish true communication between those who profess to love one another.


Business, Church

Based on 12 years of running a non-profit and 29 years of assisting in running churches of various sizes and budgets, we offer this expertise and experience to those who are looking to start, build, or grow their business or church


Life, Career

Both life and career and offer many challenges when trying to navigate them. We believe that one area of success cannot fully sustain a person; both must be in balance. Through experience and life history, we give you tools and tips to help you find balance


  • Counseling: $75/hr
  • Consulting: $100/hr
  • Coaching: $75/hr

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Thumbtack Reviews

You'll feel at ease speaking to him!

- Ketsia

Devin has been great; very transparent, personable, and patient...we are very happy that we found him and are looking forward to continuing our work with him.

- Danielle

Pastor Miller has been great so far. Very accessible virtually any time. Will continue this process with him. So far so great!!

- Willie

The very first session was the most genuine conversation I have had with a stranger. He was very open and honest across the board and made it very comfortable

- Denise

Pastor Miller has a true interest in helping people, that is key

- Becky

Pastor Devin and Kandace are awesome! They are very easy to talk to and help you to work to the bottom of issues.

- Amanda

My bags were packed and a apartment was purchased to move on. But with Devin Millers counseling we are now rediscovering the love we have lost. Devin is amazing at what he do. I highly recommend this guy.

- Frederick


Are you ready to look at yourself honestly?
Are you ready to speak openly, freely, and truthfully?
Ready to go where you are called?
Contact me below to request more information.